Feedback: Seminars and demonstrations


“We saw that a lot of people attended your show, which was again fantastic.”
Ralph Schlotter

“Great tips made to look so easy.  I will now try to wrap in a much more exciting way.”
Christine Boulton

“Very great job!  You inspire me.”
Loredana Barbu, Romania

“Thank you for your creativity!”
Mercedes Navarro

“The video was very helpful for me.  I got new wrapping ideas”
Annica Baugerius

“Nice simple techniques.  Very helpful with my presentation of gifts.  Beautifully explained.  Thank you”
Jane Hruba, Czech Republic

“Wonderful, that’s art!  Thanks”
David Serrador, Spain

“Amazing!  Thank you so much!”
Nicole Muckensturm

Carolin Wolf, Germany

“Didn’t know you could get so much out of so little!”
Leighton Davies-Smith