Arona Xclusive Designs on Etsy

Being creative and crafty is a joy but there are only so many projects you can keep so I’ve decided to share some on Etsy.

Using seashells gathered around the world I’ve created unique one of a kind wreaths that would be beautiful anywhere, whether welcoming visitors to your home, propped up on a shelf, or making a stylish table centrepiece.

For a Valentine’s Day proposal my heart-shaped shell wreath would make the perfect hiding place for the ring. Or am I getting carried away?!

Other wreaths are made from ribbon, decorated with faux gemstones and for those who like a vintage feel check out my pink boudoir beauty!

For those sourcing stunning ribbons there are packs in assorted fabrics.  And to add a little extra inspiration I’ve included a DVD that is packed with creative projects:  Everything from gift wrapping to card making and original table dressing for a special occasion.