In-house Training

An alternative to group training courses are bespoke in-house sessions designed to meet a company’s specific needs.  Where required this can include a step by step manual or other training tools.

Selfridges’ smart gift packaging makes even a simple item seem special.  I provided consultancy services, staff training and designed and created a bespoke training manual with step-by-step photographs.

“Arona was an invaluable resource to Selfridges when we launched our stunning new gift packaging.  She worked with a number of teams across the business from the creative team finalising the look of the product to the logistics department informing us what equipment we needed at till points.

By far the most impactful intervention was the training that she rolled out across the stores.  She wrote a high quality, foolproof manual which she trained from and which remains at tills around the business.  The training itself was fun, interactive and successful.”

Caroline Darker, Learning & Development Manager, Selfridges & Co

Client comment:

"Thank you for a really enjoyable, educational day at our shop. Our gift wrapping service has the WOW factor! When customers see a wrapped gift being carried out in the shop, we get a rise in requests for the service. We could never have been so knowledgeable and confident without your help."
Sheila Bedells, The Engraving Gallery, Southampton

Feedback from Seminar Attendees:

"Wrapping without tape was genius!" Aedamar SweeneyMcConnells Gourmet Smoked Foods, Ireland
"Hope they have you back. Best gift wrap seminar I've attended." Lola QuinlanUSA
"Fantastic. Very informative and entertaining! Karen BickettCard Shop, Australia
"Excellent advice. Now I know what to do with slow moving products!" Lucia DuncanFavours by Design, Scotland