Step by Step DVDs

Gift wrapping and hamper & gift basket DVDs Arona Khan

Arona Khan’s Quick and Easy Guide to GREAT GIFT WRAPPING is popular with retailers and, in fact, anyone who wants to learn how to wrap gifts.  I got carried away and as a result there are over 80 minutes of step by step demonstrations!  You’ll see how to wrap a variety of shapes and sizes as well as ways to make beautiful bows. Let me know what you think about my ‘cheat pleat’.  Everyone finds it a lifesaver when wrapping paper isn’t long enough to go around the gift.

Hampers are a growth area and offer great business opportunities for retailers and those considering a change of career.  They are also popular with those who make their own edible gifts or want to raise money for charity.  Arona suggests: Make Hampers & Gift Baskets Work for You is packed with top tips and cost saving techniques.  If that wasn’t enough I’ve also included some snazzy bows that increase the perceived value of the gifts.

Both of these DVDs can be ordered online.  Buy two and you will get a 10% discount!