Eco-friendly wrapping on Good Morning Britain

In December 2019 I joined Andi Peters on Good Morning Britain. 

I shared some eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts like those in the programme’s Christmas competition.  Time was very short so sneeze and you’d have missed me!

My top tips included:

  • Use fabric to wrap a present.  Ideal for awkward shapes and in itself a gift for the recipient. Try something different like wool felt!
  • Wrap using my pouch technique which doesn’t require sticky tape. Secure with ribbon and the paper can be used many times
  • Swap cellophane for a reusable mesh fabric when wrapping with tissue paper 
  • When there isn’t enough paper to go around a box use an offcut to create a cheat pleat.  Like a miracle – it extends the sheet of paper!  Mix patterns and colours to great effect
  • When wrapping a bottle just hide the label.  The recipient will know it isn’t a pair of socks!  Making a paper cummerbund is a great way to use up leftover giftwrap or corrugated cardboard.  Tie it in place with twine or ribbon
  • Another way to ensure there is no wasted paper is to make bow-ties which can also be used more than once
  • If you’ve run out of bows, mini Christmas tree baubles do the trick.  Tie them together in a cluster and secure to the gift with ribbon or cord

There wasn’t time to show all of these ideas but you can see photos in The Gallery.