Kali Stileman’s creative challenge

Kali Stileman threw down the gauntlet and I couldn’t resist! How to use the border stripe on her latest colourful and contemporary giftwrap collection?

As I’ve spent years encouraging students, viewers and readers to fold the paper for a neat edge I was nearly palpitating at the thought of wrapping a gift and leaving a rough edge. A few deep breaths and I did it, adding a couple of pleats to ensure this feature stood centre stage…and much to my relief I liked it! Not being able to stop there I went one step further and used the stripe running along the other edge of the sheet to make a bow.

Another way to use the snazzy stripe was to pleat the edge of the giftwrap once again leaving a rough edge. This time, to decorate I added two pleated triangles of paper, each with a striped edge, and laid one on top of the other. The perfect finishing touch, and being flat it is ideal for a present being packed or popped in the post!

Finally, with St Valentine’s Day almost upon us I wanted a look that was a little more romantic. Rolling the striped strip gently between two fingers and then arranging it in a heart shape did the trick.

Challenge completed!

And what did Kali say?  “Brilliant, we love it!  So impressed!  I knew you would do something lovely with the giftwrap and it shows us all what is possible.  Thank you so much.