Festive Wrapping Masterclass with HBO

HBO asked me to wrap their box sets. How hard is that you ask. Well the catch was that the recipient should be able to guess the series!

I chose three from their vast collection of ‘must see’ series:

For Girls I was thrilled to track down giftwrap of the Manhattan street map (in pink!). A condom featured as part of the finishing touch!

True Detective involved twigs, torn cotton, an evidence bag and a tin man.

Take a look at how I represented Game of Thrones.

This link is courtesy of Catherine, author of the blog Vintage Frills.

One of the many bloggers and journalists who came to my HBO gift wrapping masterclass, she wrote “I absolutely loved seeing all her methods for wrapping the perfect gift as well as the quirky ways she interpreted each boxset.”

To view the video click the link and scroll down the page: