Sustainable gifts handmade in Sussex

After many years of loving gorgeous giftwrap and ribbons I discovered a passion for rusty metal, offcuts of wood and all sorts of other scrap materials.  As a result I now make bespoke, one-off sustainable items that are proving to be very popular gifts.  Some can be purchased in my shop.

Commission a design

If you’re looking for something special take a look at my handmade bowls that I turn on a vintage lathe in Brighton.  The perfect present for a 5th wedding anniversary, symbolised by wood, or other special occasion, each one is unique in design and sometimes includes charring and pyrography.  

Similarly I like nothing better than taking scraps of wood, rusty nails, screws and washers, and even vintage parquet flooring to create bird boxes and mansions.  A popular Christmas gift, they’ve also made perfect presents for everyone from a 4-year old keen to spot birds in his garden to a gentleman celebrating his 90th birthday who spent many happy hours watching wildlife from his terrace.

My willow wreaths adorned with seashells prove to be a wonderful memento of seaside jaunts while my naughty with a nightie wreaths handmade with vintage lingerie are beautiful for the boudoir!

I take commissions so get in touch to discuss what you’d like me to make.  

Photos above:  Sweet chestnut bowl | Bird mansion | Seashell wreath | Bird box | Wooden bowl with charred detail