Reviews: Millinery Magic

Maryon wanted something understated but special to wear in her hair that would complement her outfit for daughter Phoebe’s wedding in Tuscany, Italy.

I went to Arona’s studio and before my very eyes she created samples for me to consider and offered many creative suggestions. The finished product was stunning and most importantly so comfortable that I wore it for the entire day and evening. I was so delighted with the service I took the groom’s mother to Arona and she too had the time of her life! I would most definitely repeat the experience.  Arona’s enthusiasm, artistic ability and professionalism ooze out of every pore. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants a very special and personal service.Maryon, mother of the bride

Linda, the groom’s mother, was delighted to come to the studio with the mother of the bride. We discussed designs and materials before settling on what would best complement her outfit.

Thank you so much Arona for making me such a gorgeous fascinator, Your ears should have been burning as Maryon and I were telling everyone how brilliant you are!

Linda, mother of the groom


A couple of years later it was Maryon’s turn to be mother of the groom. 

This time she really set me a challenge; arriving with an inch of fabric trimmed from the hem of her dress!  Luckily I was able to perform magic and turn it into a beautiful accessory that was just what was needed.

Maryon was delighted with the fascinator.

Jackie was going to be mother of the bride and was keen to have something very simple and light.

Thank you so much for making this lovely fascinator for me. I knew that I didn’t want to wear a hat for my daughter’s wedding and that I wanted something discreet in my hair, but couldn’t quite visualise it.

You obviously did and made the perfect fascinator to suit my outfit. I loved it so much, and it was so light to wear that I never took it off, not even on the dance floor. It was exactly what I wanted and I can’t thank you enough for creating it. Jackie, mother of the bride

Deborah got in touch when she was going to be mother of the bride.

I was really delighted with my fascinator. It was very comfortable and complemented my outfit. Many of the wedding guests commented on the fascinator and what I liked best is that I knew no one else would be wearing one the same. It was fun coming along to your studio and choosing the ribbons and beads and discussing what I wanted. Next time I need a fascinator I would definitely like to ask you to make it.Deborah, mother of the bride

Ruth wanted something original to complement the dress she was going to wear to her friend’s wedding.

Thank you so much for my gorgeous fascinator. It went perfectly with my dress and you were really considerate listening to what sort of design I was looking for and coming up with a gorgeous fascinator that worked beautifully with my outfit and looked so unique. It felt so comfortable to wear, I wore it the entire day. It is a beautiful fascinator and I can’t recommend you enough. Ruth

Kate wanted to wear something special to a friend’s wedding.

I loved my fascinator the moment I saw it. It was totally unique, beautifully made, and felt wonderful to wear. Kate

Laura wanted a special fascinator for a music business fund raising event. Spot the 45 RPM record!

Everyone loved it, thank you.Laura

I designed a capsule collection for Tegen Accessories in Brighton, UK.

Our customer came in to collect the royal blue fascinator last week and she was absolutely thrilled with the alteration you made. It was exactly what she wanted! Thank you again for customising it and for doing it so quickly!Tegen

Sharon was also a customer who purchased one of my designs from Tegen Accessories in Brighton, UK.

I have recently purchased one of your fascinators from a Brighton store. It is for my daughter’s wedding in August. I haven’t even got the dress. I just fell in love with it.Sharon, mother of the bride