Reviews: Decluttering with a difference

When Lindy moved into her new flat she was overwhelmed when it came to arranging the contents of her kitchen. I recommended what might be most practical according to frequency of usage and in a short time the job was done

I’d had a very stressful time with builders and was exhausted by the time I actually moved. When I saw the mountain of boxes in my new kitchen I felt quite overwhelmed. I made a start, but couldn’t think straight about where to put everything. Arona was brilliant. She asked me some pertinent questions about my kitchen habits and then logically organised things in such a practical manner that I’ve had no difficulty finding anything. A caterer friend recently borrowed my kitchen for a day and remarked on how well organised it is and said that it’s a dream to useLindy, Brighton

Anna had lived in the same home for more than fifty years and was absolutely delighted when I rearranged her kitchen. The result was increased counter space and strategically positioned items for easy use. I also sourced items that made her life easier

I’m so delighted with the transformation Arona made to my kitchen.  I’d no idea how much space there was!  Strongly recommendedAnna, Glasgow

Ingrid and Mick had a contemporary kitchen diner but their shelves looked like a home for the unwanted. After I restyled them the result was an interesting mix of books, dishes and accessories. Several years later they remain almost unchanged.

The kitchen shelves in the dining area looked wonderful and indeed they have remained the same for many years because they look so terrificIngrid, London

Linda was moving home, stressed and short of time. Keen to avoid any of her precious glass being damaged she asked me to pack the collection for her.

Arona’s help was invaluable. I had a large display cabinet full of beloved family heirlooms, many of which were very old and delicate cut glass. Apart from being short of time I was also concerned about how to pack everything to ensure nothing was broken in the move.  Arona simply got on with the job, enabling me to focus on other things, and in seemingly little time had packed the entire cabinet. When I unpacked I realised how skilled her packing was – every item was carefully protected and not one thing was broken!Linda, Hove

Andy and Sophia’s storage cupboard was spacious but totally out of control.  Finding anything was a challenge.  I reorganised the contents and reacquainted them with several ‘lost’ items

Storing candles, wrapping paper and all kinds of miscellaneous items is always difficult and Arona sorted it all effortlessly – but we need her back!!Sophia, London

Caroline’s bedroom was a centre of chaos: A wardrobe bursting at the seams, bundles of papers begging to be filed and cosmetics and jewellery aplenty. We tackled each area removing clothes she no longer wore as well as unwanted items. The result was tidy cupboards, a well organised wardrobe and folders ready for filing

It was great to have Arona’s help and how exciting to know exactly where everything is.  I’m just hoping she can come back soon to do the filing!  Caroline, London

When she moved into her own home Caroline didn’t know where to start when it came to arranging the space. I suggested what might work best and together we found a place for everything.

Thanks to Arona’s fantastic vision, everything is where it should be, and remains tidy and, most importantly, availableCaroline, London

Sometimes we gather things on our travels which later sit gathering dust. Alternatively they can be put to good use while still acting as a reminder of happy times

I have a sea-themed bathroom and the willow wreath decorated with sea shells was the perfect finishing touch for the door.  I have fond memories of collecting all these shells and was so delighted when Arona suggested making the wreath!Aedine, Dublin