Transform Unused Items into Treasure

How about us blowing off the cobwebs and giving unused items a new lease of life?  They could make great gifts, evoke wonderful memories or have a new purpose.  I can get creative and come up with crafty options, especially for scrap wood, photographs, seashells and plastic items for projects I can do for you or that we can do together.  Check out my blog to see some interesting examples!

They might include using:

  • Everything from rusty nails to plastic bottle tops and scrap wood to make unique bird boxes 
  • Photographs of loved ones long departed
  • Clothing – like vintage items too worn out to wear
  • China, including that heirloom teapot missing its lid!
  • Photographs of your children taken decades ago
  • Children’s artwork that has been packed and stored in the loft for years
  • Furniture inherited but living in the garage
  • Seashells that conjure up happy memories of holidays

My fee will depend on what is required and where the work will take place.  Get in touch and we can discuss some options

“I have a sea- themed bathroom and the willow wreath decorated with sea shells was the perfect finishing touch for the door. I have fond memories of collecting all these shells and was so delighted when Arona suggested making the wreath” Aedine, Dublin

Photos above: Seashell wreath | Card made using a baby photo | Damaged table given a new lease of life | Unique art piece created using seashells