Arona’s Hamper & Gift Basket DVD

Have you been making gift baskets but feel there is room for improvement?  Or perhaps you’ve had a go with a heat gun and ended up with a huge hole in the cellophane?  Are you having breakages because glass bottles collide in the container?  If you are having these or other issues,  you’ll find everything you need to know on a single disc!

It is also very popular with beginners keen to learn how to wow with a hamper or gift basket!

DVD contents:

  • Techniques that will help retailers maximise sales margins and increase the perceived value of gifts
  • Quick and easy step by step demonstrations and top tips
  • Advice about choosing and arranging shred and other fillers
  • Suggestions how to arrange products – it is not as easy as you may think!
  • Ways to wrap with cellophane and heat shrinkable bags
  • How to wrap bottles
  • Using ribbons, bows and accessories to add the perfect finishing touch

DVD information:

  • DVD 53 minutes running time
  • PAL format
  • In North America, where the format is NTSC, the DVD can be watched on your computer
  • Price: £12.99 + P&P

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Your hamper and gift basket DVD is excellent. Packed with lots of good advice and ideas regarding making up baskets. I am going to my sisters 40th party this week-end and I have wrapped a bottle of champagne exactly like you did. It looks fantastic! Annette, Dublin