Declutter Your Home

In order to have a clear mind and a warm and welcoming environment in which to live, you need a decluttered, well organised space. I can help to sort what should be kept and what is no longer required. While keeping information confidential, I’ll be understanding regarding emotional attachment but helpful in suggesting ways forward whether for the contents of your home or that of a loved one. The result will be a home or a room styled to reflect your personality and preferences that, most importantly, remain easy to maintain.

Uniquely I can show how to upcycle, recycle or repurpose items including clothing, fabrics and household goods.  I can also ensure that much loved items such as photographs and children’s artwork will be enjoyed and treasured for years to come. I’ll suggest ways to give furniture a new lease of life too.   You will have the option of doing some of these jobs with me or I can do them for you.

How I can help you:

  • Preparing your home to put on the market including staging rooms and creating kerb appeal
  • Getting ready to downsize
  • Organising your new home
  • Creating a home office, nursery, playroom, craft room, meditation space or man cave
  • Making your bookshelves beautiful with a creative mix of books and other items  
  • Paperwork, filing and creating simple systems to make life easier
  • Decluttering and reorganising wardrobes, rooms or an entire home
  • Upcycling, recycling and repurposing items no longer needed
  • Transforming photographs, seashells and other items into treasure

Get in touch to discuss what you need.  I can also sort and streamline your workspace

Areas covered:

Although I’m based in Brighton, East Sussex travelling is not a problem.  I’ve gone from the UK to Japan to give a single seminar!  Journeys more than an hour each way will incur a travel surcharge


  • FREE One hour initial consultation in person or via video conferencing
  • Fees per hour or per project
  • Value packages available

Arona was brilliant. She asked me some pertinent questions about my kitchen habits and then logically organised things in such a practical manner that I’ve had no difficulty finding anything. A caterer friend recently borrowed my kitchen for a day and remarked on how well organised it is and said that it’s a dream to use.”
Lindy, Brighton

Photos above: Flowers adding kerb appeal | Seashells on a willow heart | A damaged table before and after it was painted | HOME creative project | Room restyled