Reviews: Creative and Crafty

Sometimes we gather things on our travels which later sit gathering dust. Other times they can be put to good use while still acting as a reminder of happy times

I have a sea-themed bathroom and the willow wreath decorated with sea shells was the perfect finishing touch for the door. I have fond memories of collecting all these shells and was so delighted when Arona suggested making the wreath Aedine, Dublin

Jessica had a bundle of clothes for the charity shop. I suggested that her daughter and I could get creative with an old pair of jeans.  The result was a stylish shoulder bag, a picture frame and an old t-shirt transformed into a trendy top embellished with denim trim

What a fabulous day my daughter had with Arona. Creative and filled with fun. She was thrilled with the goodies that they made.Jessica, Hertfordshire

Mandi asked for my help with photographs of a special family occasion. They needed to be displayed creatively in a picture frame before being given as a gift.

Thank you for the birthday frame. It was so perfectly created. It captured cherished memories so perfectly. Definitely a treasure to keep for lifeMandi’s daughter, South Africa