Consultancy Services

I offer both corporate and private clients wide ranging consultancy services.

They have included:

  • Designing gift wrapping techniques and training manuals
  • Implementing the training programmes
  • Making videos for promotional purposes
  • Designing and/or sourcing gift wrapping materials
  • Training via video conferencing for an overseas client
  • Creating new ways to use products
  • Providing an exclusive bespoke gift wrapping service

Examples can be found here

We wanted prizes to look spectacular so that the winners would feel really great about getting their awards. Arona did an amazing job wrapping them – far more creative than we could have imagined. We are thrilled with the result.Helen Leighton, GlaxoSmithKline

Arona is very helpful and gives superb advice. She is the ultimate consultant when it comes to wrapping products in tissue paper. We have had wonderful feedback from our customers: Item received this morning, beautifully packaged…my compliments to your company. AD skin synergy