Get Gift Wrapping!

My work as a gift wrapping consultant has taken me around the world including Japan where I was introduced as the world’s foremost gift wrapping expert and, closer to home, to 10 Downing Street where I was invited to train the Prime Minister’s staff so that all gifts given look Great and British.

I can help you in a number of different ways.

Options include:

  • Training or demonstrations via Zoom or Teams
  • One-day gift wrapping courses that are suitable for all levels.  Come alone or bring a friend!
  • A private session when the programme can be designed to your specific needs whether for business or pleasure
  • Two-hour creative and crafty workshops.  Ideal if you fancy a fun get together
  • My DVD, packed with top tips as well as quick and easy step by step techniques
  • Videos which are free to view.  Helpful when your need is urgent and time is short

Business clients please take a look at the Business & Corporate options which include group or in-house training, seminars and demonstrations, videos and consultancy services.

Thank you for such a wonderful session – so full of tricks and tips to really make us up our game with gift wrapping! Such an eye opener on how to use up leftovers or how to go all fancy – amazing!  I’ve had lots of lovely feedback – mostly about how the wrapping will look far too nice for the gift inside!  A lovely, relaxed session to inspire some creativity and a few men thanked me as they are very happy to give a gift that looks a little better than usual!  Kirsty, plc PA – Demonstration via Teams

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Arona Khan on several projects over the last three years. Arona is a true professional and gives her all for every project. Her warmth and humour shine through when she teaches people how to wrap and provides really helpful and useful techniques so everyone can master the art of giving perfectly wrapped gifts. Simon Feldman, Senior PR Manager (Campaigns) Royal Mail Group


Photos above: A course attendee | Arona with Linda Barker and the Tesco wine buyer | A girly get-together | Great Gift Wrapping DVD | A course attendee