Reviews: DVDs

I purchased a copy of your Gift Wrapping DVD and have found it immensely useful. I gave my aunt a birthday gift and she actually took a photo of the gift before opening it. That is not normally what people do when I give them a gift! I put this down to my learning from your techniques. I had wrapped a box and tied a starburst bow on top. It is an easy thing to do, but makes the gift look stunning. Adam

Your hamper and gift basket DVD is excellent. Packed with lots of good advice and ideas regarding making up baskets. I am going to my sisters 40th party this week-end and I have wrapped a bottle of champagne exactly like you did. It looks fantastic! Annette

I have just purchased your DVD and I am delighted.  I have looked for something like this for years. Thank you so much. Florence

I found your gift wrapping DVD very helpful. I particularly liked the gift bag and used the idea several times. I was very pleased with my efforts and have ordered another copy for my daughter in law’s birthday as she was impressed and wants to follow suit. Patricia

I’ve just watched the gift wrapping DVD I purchased at the Crafts for Christmas show at the NEC and I’m very impressed. Thank you for so many inspirational ideas. I’m just sorting out my materials for a practice run!Heather

I very much enjoyed your DVD Karen

My friend purchased your DVDs and I have found them very useful in my gift wrapping trainingAmaka

I am starting up a small gift packaging and gift basket shop. Your DVD will be such a great help for me.Kerstin, Sweden

I loved the way you presented the hamper using the shrink wrap effect with the heat gun, the raffia, and jute ribbon. A couple of the staff have taken your DVDs home and have really enjoyed practicing their new skills.Lorraine