Top Tips on BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey

Looking for innovative ways to wrap your Christmas presents? 

Here are some top tips that I shared with Joe Talbot who was sitting in for Danny Pike on BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey before Christmas 2021.

If you’d like to hear the interview click here.

When it comes to wrapping a bottle how about simply covering the label and top with rings or cummerbunds of leftover giftwrap, corrugated cardboard or fabric? A simple speedy way to use up odds and ends while hiding whether you’re giving fine wine or a budget bottle of plonk!

Alternatively wrap Champagne and other gifts in layers of tissue paper and sheer fabric. There is a great choice of materials online and the good news is that the recipient can pop in a new gift and pass it on to someone else. Can be done in haste and no waste.

If you’re wrapping a more awkward shape especially a large one like a handbag how about using a paper tablecloth in a festive colour or pattern? Inexpensive and extremely time saving!

One of my favourite ways to wrap really has the wow factor. The end result often looks like a clutch bag and once again can be reused many times as you won’t need any sticky tape. Take a look at this video I made for Royal Mail and you’ll see how quick and easy it is to wrap a present in a pouch. You can create yours using wallpaper, fabric, brown paper or wrapping paper. Perfect for wrapping books and DVDs, it is also ideal for chunky jewellery, lingerie and lots more.

Take a length of ribbon or string around a large box to calculate how much paper you need from a roll. To ensure it looks beautifully wrapped, having checked how much paper is needed, especially at each end, trim off the excess.

Adding a fabulous finishing touch can be done in many different ways. Here are just a few:

Make beautiful bows with ribbon, twine or raffia that can be used time and again. Try adding some aluminium wire and beads for the wow factor! Both are available online and in craft stores.

If you’re posting or packing a present how about decorating it with pleated triangles of leftover wrapping paper? This works really well with double- sided paper. You can also use up scraps of giftwrap to make a stylish paper bowtie. Secure it in place with a double-sided foam pad.

Upcycle plastic (not glass) mini Christmas tree baubles and tie them together around the neck of a present. Or how about using faux gemstones (rather than the family jewels!) to add a little glitz to a gift? They are available online as well as from craft stores and supermarkets.  A dazzling way to decorate and easy to glue in place.

If all that fails go back to nature. I really like using moss that falls off the roof! 

See how many of these ways to wrap you can spot in the gallery.

If you’d like to ensure your gifts look too good to open treat yourself to a gift wrapping or gift basket DVD and discover lots of quick and easy techniques.  There are a number of other options too. For a get together with friends, family or colleagues let me know if you’d like to discuss a gift wrapping course, a Zoom or Teams online gift wrapping demonstration or a Creative and Crafty workshop.

Merry Christmas and happy wrapping!