Top Tips for Netmums

Time to share top tips with Netmums!

Design your own giftwrap!

No need to waste even a scrap of paper!
Bottle wrapped in a cummerbund and a gift wrapped in a pouch

Top Tips on BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey

Looking for innovative ways to wrap your Christmas presents? 
Handmade wreath with felt decoration

A festive wreath that will last for years!

Like to make a Christmas wreath that will last for years? 
Handmade Christmas card

Cut-out Christmas cards

Scissors and a stapler and you’re all set to make your own Christmas cards!
Wrapped wedding present and handmade card

Going to a wedding!

Finally we’re able to meet up with loved ones at weddings and other events.
Making a birthday card

Come to creative sessions to uplift the spirit

If you are in Brighton or Hove and feeling a little low or lonely get in touch
Recycled oak windowsill

How would you upcycle a windowsill?

With care, I hear you say!
Decorate with raffia instead of ribbon

Raffia instead of ribbon

Have you thought about decorating a gift with raffia instead of ribbon?
Arona Khan's Zoom sessions

Zooming in to join you!

An upside of living through a pandemic is sharing tips and techniques via Zoom.

St Patrick’s Day greetings

I ‘felt’ it was time to make a special card for a good friend!

Use your loaf and give a gift

Like lots of people I've done my fair share of baking during lockdown.
Handpainted handmade anniversary card

Happy anniversary!

Like a beautifully wrapped gift, a handmade card shows that you care.  

Creative cushion covers

With shops shut during the pandemic it was time to get creative when I wanted new cushion covers.

A Christmas wreath with a difference

I love a challenge so decided to create a Christmas wreath with a difference when given some gorgeous foliage before Christmas.

I wasn’t ‘sloe’ to have a good idea!

Out blackberry picking in the summer we came across sloes but had no idea what they were or what to do with them.

An eco-friendly festive message

What would you make if you wanted to create a Christmas decoration using a couple of branches?

Happy Halloween!

This year bag a good idea and keep safe.

Paper and some pastels = unique giftwrap

I wanted to wrap an odd-shaped box of chocolates and for some reason I decided that necessitated designing my own wrapping paper.

From forgotten fabric to Covid face coverings

Some vintage fabric came in very handy when I needed to make Covid face coverings in 2020.